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For the first time in three years…


I finished a book.  A book I read for fun.  For me.

I finished J. R. Moehringer’s The Tender Bar.  I’m embarrassed to say that I started it over a year ago.  I made myself stay awake to finish it one evening while Mike was watching football.  It was…okay.

Then I borrowed a book from my future sister-in-law Lindsay – John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars – yesterday.  I finished it last night.  Sure, it’s a YA book, and those are usually quick reads, but I couldn’t put it down.  It helps that I love John Green and that I used to read cancer books like a fiend when I was younger.

Look familiar?  I read this book 300 times.  There was another cancer book about a girl who passed out at a grocery store I can’t think of it, but it’s driving me crazy.

I have a few other books I’d like to read. I think reading is going to start me with writing again.  I hope so. 🙂

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Walk Two Moons

“In the course of a lifetime, what does it matter?”

When I was younger, I read this book—a lot.  It’s still on my shelf, and I go back to it when I need to.  From the first time I read it, the quote above struck a chord in me.  it began a whole new thought process for me.

I spent so much time worrying about things that really didn’t matter in the course of a lifetime, and I vowed to stop-to only worry about the things that did matter in the course of a lifetime.

So my advice to you today is just that–when things start getting hard and you find yourself worrying, just ask yourself, “In the course of a lifetime, what does it matter?”

If it doesn’t matter, quit worrying!

Have a great day!

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Poor Jakey…

Lately I’ve been reading Coop:  A Family, a Farm, and the Pursuit of One Good Egg by Michael Perry.

Last night I got to a part that shook me to my soul.  Perry’s nephew Jake drowns in a pond.  The sheer magnitude of the situation is enough to startle you, but the way that Perry writes about it…it gave me chills.

You don’t expect it.  Everything is going so wonderfully in the book.  It’s here I have to marvel at the chapter that comes before Jakey’s death.  Perry is cradling newborn daughter Jane to his chest while all his nieces, nephews, and friends’ children run around him–including Jakey.

Jakey who thought he had to whisper to the stars.  Jakey who thought the moon was a cookie.  Jakey who tipped his tractors upright like in the movie Cars.  Jakey who died too young.

This scares the hell out of me and I don’t even have children.  To make matters worse, Jakey’s father (Perry’s brother) Jed lost his first wife, Sarah, after only seven weeks of marriage.  She was in a car accident, and Jed, who is a volunteer firefighter and EMT, was first on the scene.  Can you imagine?  Trying to save your wife of seven weeks, losing her, and then finding love again only to lose your firstborn son to a pond.

It’s not fair…

I promise for a happier post tomorrow.

That is all.

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