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A Mapper’s Wedding Ring

About three times I week, I lose myself in internet fancy and start staring at big-stoned wedding rings.   I rarely look at men’s rings because frankly, they’re not so exciting.  But I found this one today:

For those of you who may not know me, my boyfriend is a mapper.  Not the Christopher Columbus, track the stars, wear stockings and a three-pointed hat kind of mapper, but rather a real-life one that actually makes maps of Pennsylvania and loves the land.

Which is why he needs to marry me ASAP so I can buy him this ring!  Whatdya say, Mike? 😉


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Realistic Engagement Expectations

Ladies, first, we do not live in the movies.  Second, we are not Kardashians (thank God).  So there’s absolutely NO reason that we should expect to get 14 carat diamonds.  I mean, they’re very welcome if we can find a guy that can give them to us, but in reality, we shouldn’t expect them.

Here’s the thing.  I’d never expect that $16,000.00 diamond from Mike.  EVER.  While I do think that today’s standards are way higher than the used to be when it comes to women expecting things out of their engagement rings, I don’t think we ought to go over the top.

All I know is that I want a ring that I will be proud to wear for the rest of my life.

And another thing…maybe some of the married guys can speak for this.  Are you really going to buy a diamond from a super-pushy sales guy?  Seriously.  When Mike and I were in there (completely unromantically minus the fact that Mike put up with the first shopping day after Christmas crowd for me) to get links taken out of my watch, and this bonehead wanted our entire life story and he yelled at Mike for not proposing yet.

1)  Not his business.

2)  Guilt doesn’t work on guys.  It just makes them uncomfortable.

Am I wrong to think this way?  I just assume that if a guy feels the stress already of picking out an engagement ring that the stress of a pushy sales douche isn’t going to help.


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