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I know I know, we’ll all defend our name for fizzy drinks until we die.  But where I come from, it’s called pop.  Because that’s what it does.  It pops.  And it looks like 80-100% of the folks in my home county (Sandusky County, Ohio) agree with me.  Now, call me crazy, but there’s an awful lot of blue on this map.  but I am also aware that it appears in many sparsely populated areas.

But on this Friday, I will proudly order a pop from any restaurant, and I will drink a pop any time of day.  And if you ask me for a soda or a Coke, I’m just gonna say, “You mean a pop?”

Happy Friday!


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Memorial Day Weekend – What’s Missing From My Brunswick Life

Memorial Day Weekend makes you remember what you love the most.  Decidedly, it was one of the best Memorial Day Weekends I’ve had in a really darn long time.

From a Friday night date night with Mike to a Saturday at the Depot, and then to a Sunday full of threatening weather, and a pontoon boat ride out to Jimmy Bukkett’s, it was all I could have wanted.

Here’s why:

  1. The Depot – My bar.  MY.  They know me.  I know them.  They know what I drink.  That’s what a hometown bar should be.
  2. Family – My cousins and I lay by the pool all weekend long, and complained about the storms, and how we just weren’t getting the tan we wanted.
  3. Storms – I love the tizzy that my mother (and the rest of my family) goes into when severe weather threatens…
  4. Boat Rides – …and the way I get on a pontoon boat with Mike and some amazing new friends to go out and drink at Jimmy Bukkett’s–a true oasis on the Sandusky River.
  5. New Friends – Like I said.  New friends.  New engagements.  New lives beginning (congrats Mike and Malinda!)
  6. Old Friends – They’re the ones you miss even when you didn’t realize you missed ’em.

Come Monday, I got a pretty wicked burn.  I would post pictures, but in order for you to see the extent of said burn, I’d have to show you tan lines, and as much as I love you bloggities, I don’t want to show you those parts of my body.



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