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Stereotyping States: Louisiana

I want to stereotype the states.  All of them.  Today, I’m starting with Louisiana based on a suggestion.  DO NOT GET OFFENDED.  I’M JUST SPOUTING CRAP. 

The way this will work is that I will state the things that the state makes me think of off the top of my head without any research.  And then maybe I’ll do a little research and see what I’m missing.

Off the Top of My Head

  • New Orleans/Mardi Gras – Uh duh.
  • Swamp People The enthralling show on the History Channel on which people go out onto the swamp to catch gators.  I love how they talk, I love how important it all is to them, and how entertaining it is.
  • Garth Brooks singing “Callin’ Baton Rouge” because that’s just a damn good song.
  • A boot.  What?  It’s shaped like one.

With a Little Research

  • Louisiana is the only state in the union that does not have counties. Its political subdivisions are called parishes.
  • Cajuns are descendants of the Acadians who were driven out of Canada in the 1700s because they wouldn’t pledge allegiance to the King of England.
  • One of their laws?  It is illegal to gargle in public places.
  • Another one?  One could land in jail for up to a year for making a false promise.

Erica’s Stereotypes

Now, I do not know anyone from Louisiana that I know of.  If I do, I’m sorry.  Or if you’re from Louisiana, I’m sorry.  But I’m just trying to come up with some sort of conclusion about the typical Louisianian.  I believe the typical Louisianian is:

  • honest (see final point under research)
  • enjoys crawfish and catching gators
  • likes spicy food
  • has at least one room in their house that is gold, purple and green
  • enjoys baking babies into cakes
  • has flashed at least 10 people in their lives
  • sings “Callin’ Baton Rouge” daily
  • is missing some teeth due to the law about gargling
  • gets really pissed off at The Waterboy
  • drinks tea and beer on the porch
  • and can catch a snake without flinching

Again, I’m just talking shit.  I’ll do it to every state, including my own.  So just laugh about it and get over it.



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