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My Storm Survival Pack – Throughout the Years

In light of all the recent storms, I thought I’d address my survival pack.  By survival pack, I mean what I drag to the basement with me whenever the tornado sirens start going off and the wind picks up.  And once all my stuff is IN the basement, I abandon it to stand out in the front yard until I’m bound to be swept away like Jonas’s truck in Twister.  I know I can get into the basement fast, but it takes a little prep time to gather the items that mean the most to me.  The pack has changed throughout the years based what’s important to me at that juncture of my life.  SO here are my survival packs throughout the years:

Infancy-10 years old:  Whatever I was wearing.  I had no sense of urgency, I did not fear the sky, and I’m sure my unawareness of bad weather left me in a blissful state of childhood.

10-16 years old:  Teddy Bear, jewelry, my keepsake box from all the men I loved who didn’t even know my name.  Favorite blankets.  Omar Vizquel baseball card collection.  Autograph book.  Photo albums.  Journals Journals Journals.  Beanie Babies.  Want to know why?  I was sure–absolutely SURE–that if my house blew away, it would be my super valuable Beanie Baby collection that would restore our lives when the storm was over.  Shut up.

16-18 years old:  Pretty much the same, minus the Beanie Babies.  And the keepsake box from men who didn’t know me became a keepsake box from my boyfriend at the time.  And then I got sentimental, and began grabbing something from each grandparent, something from each parent, something from my brother.  I wanted all my bases covered.

18-22 years old:  I was in college at Ashland University, and most of my valuable belongings were still at my parents’ house.  So the Teddy Bear (yes, he went to college, too), my jewelry box, and the belongings of whatever man I was dating then.  To be honest, I didn’t go to the basement very often when there were tornado warnings because I was a hardass in college.  Don’t doubt that.

22-25 years old:  I was in North Carolina.  There were no tornadoes.  And I never got a hurricane, and I didn’t have a basement, so I didn’t really have to worry about it.  I would have taken my jewelry box, items from a boyfriend, Teddy Bear, the quilt I made with my friend Joy, and I began taking my flash drives with all my writing on them.  Because you can bet your ass that I was quitting school if I lost my thesis and had to start over.

Quilt and Teddy Bear, first bedroom in NC.

 26 years old:  My jewelry, everything from Mike, the Teddy Bear, the Quilt.  I haven’t had to think about it in awhile.

The way it works with me is this:  I will grab everything I think I need and head to the basement.  If I don’t think there’s an immediate threat, I will run back up the stairs and grab something else, anything else.  I’ll stockpile as much as I can in the basement.  If I have time, I’m saving everything.

**of course I would save my family above all of this.

Praying for those who had to deal with severe weather this year.


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GUEST POST: Jenny P’s Version of Raising Youngins

As you all know, Jenny P is a friend of mine.  In fact, I’ve written her an ode.  Upon discussing our child-rearing plans through email, Jenny did not disappoint me.  She wrote this (with my asides in italics):

Shoot dang, you got me rolling. Here’s my top ten as of now.  My kids shall . . .

  1. Love animals – screw the scared kids. Buncha wimps!  (As a child who was afraid of dogs, I agree.  Buncha wimps.  Teach kids to not be scared of dogs and other animals.  Just teach them caution.)
  2. Speaking of wimps – my kids will have the ability to “shake it off” – my kids will be tough, meaning, they’ll know the difference between getting hit hard with a tennis ball (shake it off) and falling out of a tree, breaking a bone (valid pain – let’s go to the hospital)
  3. Be much more interested in playing outside than playing on a computer or watching TV (Ahem-eating dirt.)
  4. Be capable, creative, and resourceful – Their swing set breaks? They find rope and set up a tire swing. They spot a raccoon? They rig up a trap to catch him (of course this will worry me if I find out about it because raccoons carry rabies and can bite, but I will appreciate the creativity and drive).
  5. They will question everything. Why does it hail when it’s not even cold? Why do the worms come out after it rains? How could one guy really build a boat big enough to fit two of every animal, and why wouldn’t the animals all have eaten each other? How, if Adam and Eve were the only two people on Earth at the beginning, did there get to be so many people now? (Jenny, please catalogue your answers so that I may use them in the future.)
  6. They will see the magic in things – lightning bugs, dandelions, thunderstorms, rainbows (And they have to want t0 lick the moon.)
  7. They will play well with others and be on many sports teams. You can’t beat sports teams for building an appreciation of unity, teamwork, and toughness.
  8. They will all know how to throw a spiral.  (A requirement.)
  9. Be confident in their intelligence and appearance.  Looks are not important – understood – but confidence is. I’ll let them know they’re smart and beautiful so they can worry about the other stuff.
  10. Dance. They will dance, and they will sing. It doesn’t matter if they have rhythm or can carry a tune. Dancing and singing promote joy.

Kid looks like a dandelion...

Upon being told that I would post her list to my blog, she wrote the following:

Some of your people aren’t going to take kindly to me calling their kids wimps.  Does this make me sound nicer?

I will raise my kids the rough and tumble way. They will fall down and hurt sometimes, and so will I. But we will also get up, shake it off, and dance. I will have fun with my kids and raise them to be fun. I want to be my kids’ best friend. I will discipline them, yes (I freaking hate whiny kids who think they rule the world), but I don’t want to merely occupy the role of dictator in their lives. I want to also be part of their fondest memories. Remember that time Mama Jenny checked us out of school, bought us big bags of M&Ms, and drove us to the beach for the day? Just because she said it was a “windows-down, road-tripping kind of day?” Yep. Those are the kinds of memories I want my kids to have of me. I also want them to grow up loving nature, loving each other, seeing the good in people and the world, and loving to learn. I think people who are blessed with the thirst for knowledge have overall happier, more interesting lives. So I will not make my children pick their passions and their interests at an early age – I will let them explore and discover them as they come. Mostly, I just want my kids to be happy. And the only way to be happy is to be happy, I think. I don’t think happiness is the result of anything – sure you can eat chocolate cake and be happy or win a million dollars and be happy – but I think that happiness has to have been in you anyway or else it will be a fleeting thing. So I will raise my kids to find happiness every day, whether it is a good day or not. Never go to bed on anger, my dad always told me. I will see that and raise it one to “never go to bed not happy.” I almost always wake up happy. And I want my kids to too.

Pretty glad my kids will have an Aunt Jenny.  🙂  Love you, Bingo!


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