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The Thing About Bad Grammar/Spelling/Punctuation Skills…


It might be the baby making me bitchier (or the fact that I haven’t had a drink in almost 5 months), but honest to God–if you’re going to post your life on the internet, PLEASE make sure you’re using proper grammar/spelling/punctuation.  PLEASE?!

Additionally, if you’re going to write to me or text me (and you even remotely know who I am), PLEASE use the correct words/grammar/spelling/punctuation. I can no longer tolerate it.

I know that grammar and spelling have gone to hell because of the Internet. I know that it’s easier to abbreviate and to not hit the apostrophe or the comma when you’re updating things on a phone. I KNOW. But I also know that it makes people sound like complete morons.

  • Learn the difference between they’re/there/their and your/you’re.
  • Don’t say “literally” unless it’s necessary.
  • Learn how to use semicolons, apostrophes, and all the other fun punctuation that exists for a reason.
  • And for cripes’ sake, learn to spell. Please. And if you don’t know how to spell something, guess what–GOOGLE DOES!  Also, quit spelling shit phonetically (that means “of or pertaining to speech sounds, their production, or their transcription in written symbols).

There are a billion other things I could say here, but I won’t. I don’t want to point out individuals. Or maybe I do…but my husband just told me to reel it in.

I will say this, however. I think it makes me the maddest (I just Googled “mad, madder, maddest” to make sure they were all words–yes folks, even I have to look things up sometimes) is when I see educators making these silly mistakes. It enrages me, mostly because I know these people had to get through four years of college to get that degree. It enrages me that the institution where they achieved said degree let them through without having the ability to write a proper sentence, but most of all, it enrages me that these are the idiots teaching our children.

Now, to make me smile (and to hopefully make some of you morons think twice before posting):

Agree Fasebuk grammar misspell spelling Their

grammar youre





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