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TV Characters I Wish Existed in Real Life



Most of these are for obvious reasons:

Tim RigginsFriday Night Lights – the hair, the lips, the brooding.

Tim Riggins Philosophy

Eddie Latekka – October Road – the simplicity, and the flannel.

Nick Miller – New Girl – the awkwardness.

Deacon Claybourne – Nashville – the devoted pining.

Cappie – Greek – the shenanigans.

James “Sawyer” Ford – LOST – the anger and the moments of sweetness.

This has all left me understandably flustered.  Good day.

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Guilt-Free Three: Friday Night Lights Edition

So I’ve been watching Friday Night Lights, which means inevitably that I’ve had to rethink my Guilt-Free Three.  But it’s going to be really hard to kick Geoff Stults out–so I’m just going to do a Friday Night Lights Edition of my Guilt-Free Three.

#1 – Kyle Chandler aka Coach Eric Taylor.  Maybe it’s the accent, maybe it’s the sultry eyes, maybe it’s his love of football.  Mostly, though, I think it’s his jawline and his gritted teeth.  Oh, and his calves.









#2 – Taylor Kitsch aka Tim Riggins.  It’s the hair.  I go all weak-kneed for a boy with long hair.  Especially a boy who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the world, and who surprises you when you need him the most.  Oh, and it might be the abs, too.






#3 – Derek Phillips aka Billy Riggins.  So I’m double-dipping into the Riggins family.  Sue me.  Older brother who takes care of his younger brother.  Check.  Has that boy in the fields look to him.  Check Check.  Does whatever he can for his family.  Check Check Check.  Oh, and he’s always got stubble.  🙂

Happy Tuesday!


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