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All the Things I Didn’t Know About Roseanne…

So for Christmas, my momma gave me all 9 seasons of Roseanne.  I was SO excited (even though I found them online and bought them).

This gift came with some surprises though.  For instance, the discs were advertised as new…which they are not.  I found some of them covered with scratches and thick with pot residue.  So that was awesome.

But even the seasons are coming with surprises.  I mean, I had seasons 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 for the longest time.  And in watching season 5, I was blown away by some of it.

  • •  I forgot that Dan went to jail for kicking Fisher’s ass.
  • •  I forgot how big a scene it was when Becky eloped with Mark.
  • •  I forgot how hot Mark was.
  • •  Plus, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that they wear some of the same clothes throughout the entire series.

The infamous chicken shirt.

And then season 7…holy cats!

  • •  I forgot Roseanne was pregnant.
  • •  I had no idea that they told her it was a girl.
  • •  I had no idea that Roseanne’s grandma had two abortions.
  • •  Plus no idea that Roseanne was afraid there was something wrong with the baby.
  • •  Never saw the one where DJ acted dumb in class so he wouldn’t have to stand up with a boner.

And I’m still going.  I can’t wait for the rest of 7 and then 8 and 9.  Hopefully my friend Mikey (not to be confused with MY Mike) can run the discs through one of those crazy lil disc cleaner things.



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Last Man Standing – LOVING IT

There are plenty of “manly” shows on TV.  Unfortunately, they’re “specialized”.  Car shows.  Gun shows.  Hunting shows.  All manly activities that my father and Mike will watch for hours upon hours.

I don’t mind these shows most of the time.  Lots of times the hunters, mechanics, or gunman are sexy.  But sometimes I need a storyline, and now there’s a sitcom that celebrates all sorts of manliness (hunting, cars, sports, and more).  Last Man Standing!  I’ve missed Tim Allen since Home Improvement has gone off the air.  I really missed him.  I loved how excited he got about engines, the grunting, the MANLINESS.

And now he’s back in Last Man Standing!  A man with a wife and three daughters who is trying not to lose his manliness.  He works at an outdoor sporting goods store and loves all things manly.  I can respect that.

Just so you feminists (and Jarvis) don’t get all up in arms, I also have recently started watching Pan Am.  Four women who are empowered, and somehow, they don’t bug me.  That’s a successful show if you ask me!

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Okay, I admit it–I’m kind of GLEEky.

I like Glee.  Alright?  I admit it.  I watch the damn show.  I love it.  It makes me cry.

But now, oh now with this “Glee Project” show that has been on (and has finally ended in the most favorable way I could imagine), I am no longer able to hide my excitement.

My two favorites (from the very beginning, mind you) will be appearing on Glee next season!

Samuel Larsen and Damien McGinty are my super favorites.  I love them!  And I am super excited to see them on Glee this season.

Mostly because of Damian’s adorable Irish accent, and my undeniable desire for a man with dreads (sp?).  Remember Jason Castro from American Idol?  Yeah–definitely had a thing for him, too.

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“Use me and I’ll set you on fire, bastard.”

To keep with the media favorites theme for another day, I thought I’d talk about my favorite TV show.

I used to jump around a lot on this.  Currently, I enjoy Parenthood and The Middle.  I love Modern Family and Raising Hope.  But these aren’t classics yet in my mind.  I absolutely LOVED October Road, but that lasted all of what, two seasons?

Besides Raising Hope, the majority of the shows that I like are shows that most closely represent real life.  Real people.  Real situations.  Without being reality TV, because reality TV is so far from the truth, that it’s not worth watching anymore.  I’ve begun grouping Reality TV with Anime; they’re both so fake.

In writing, they say that fiction is supposed to come as close to real life as possible.  But if you’re writing nonfiction, no one wants to hear an everyday story, which is why we get all the memoirs about drug addicts and sex fiends and blah blah blah.  Maybe we’ve distorted our television based on this principal, because reality TV is ridiculous and wild…and the classic, good shows are the ones that have more truth than what we deem to be reality.

Parenthood, The Middle, and Modern Family are great right now.  But they’re too new to rely on yet.  I relied heavily on October Road, but that disappeared pretty quickly.  So what show stands the test of time?


Seriously…does it get more real than this?  What television mother told it like it was more than Roseanne?  Whose house looked the most realistic?  Who actually struggled to pay the bills sometimes?

And who was funnier? 

Roseanne: (to Crystal who’s been passing out things from her company, Cindy Lou Cosmetics) Whad’ya bring me?
Crystal: bath beads, made with real milk
Roseanne: Well great, then when I’m soaking and I get hungry, I’ll just add some Cheerios.

Or what about this one?


Roseanne Conner: Remember the Beatles had that song, “Run for your life” by the Beatles? Where the guy says he’d rather see her dead than with another guy. That’s all them wife beaters need is an anthem.

Roseanne Conner: Remember the song where the guy says ‘don’t get hooked on me? I’ll use you and set you free’? Use me and I’ll set you on fire, bastard.
And I’m not saying that my family is anything like the Conners, but there are distinct similarities.

Growing up in a small town in the Midwest.

Daddy worked blue collar.

Annoying little brother.

Aunts who were always around.

Never had a pet.

All I’m saying is that Roseanne is a classic, and it shouldn’t be looked over.


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