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And Then Came the Lightning

I really didn’t want to play softball last night.  I drove to the fields and I was sitting in my car just praying for rain as I watched black clouds roll past my moon roof.  And nothing.

But at 8:15, everything let loose and there was cloud to ground lightning all over the place.  I was so thankful that the games were cancelled.

For the longest time, lightning and severe storms have fascinated me.  When I was younger, my cousin Meghan and I would sit in my father’s Jeep Wrangler, parked in the gravel driveway of my grandparents’ farm in Clyde.  We had just seen Twister and we were hooked.  We were storm chasers, and we chased tornadoes.

Ever since then, I’ve been the girl in the front yard waiting for the lightning to flash across the sky, or a strange cloud formation.  I want to be Jo Harding sometimes.

Wouldn’t hurt to have Bill Paxton, either. 😉

There’s a man from my hometown that chases tornadoes named Allan Detrich.  Someday, I think it’d be fun to go along with him.  Maybe when I die, his team will fulfill my wishes to be sucked up into a tornado. Ha ha maybe not…

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Greenage and My Love of Twister

Last night, I lit my Stormwatch Yankee candle.  It was the first time since the end of last summer that I let myself smell it–because once I do, I can’t get spring out of my head.

I knew that it was going to snow last night, and that it would put down thick, 6-inch blanket, but I needed to smell the storm.

Something else always happens around this time of year–the desire to watch Twister.

When Twister came out, my dad took me to see it in the theater with my cousin Meghan and her father, Todd.  I was newly 11 years old, and I was dying to see this movie.  I remember that people had been making a big deal about the sound, about how it really sounded like tornadoes coming at you.  It sounded like a train.

I used to be irrationally afraid of storms.  Within seconds of the first time any weatherman said “severe,” I was dragging my beloved things down the basement:  my teddy bear, jewelry my grandparents had given me, journals, …my Beanie Babies (shut up–they were going to buy us a new house when ours blew away.  I had Princess).  But when Twister came out, it was like something that I couldn’t avoid.

In the theater, I never took my eyes off the screen.  I found myself wanting to feel the wind that Bill and Jo got to feel.  I wanted a khaki jumpsuit.  I wanted to anchor myself to a pipe.  I wanted to see flying cows.  I wanted to kiss Bill Paxton.

Lucky for me (?) I’ve never seen a tornado in real life.  I want to, but under certain conditions.  I want to see it from a distance–you know, until I feel comfortable around them.  And I want to see it out in the plains–in a field, where no one is living, and no one can get hurt, and where I can watch the field grass sway with such force that it’s hard to believe that the wind is invisible.

A man from my hometown chases.  Maybe someday he’ll take me along.


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