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Sure, I’ll Talk About Amendment One in NC

But only because I’m a former resident.

I think you all know how I felt about my time in Wilmington, North Carolina.  I enjoyed certain parts of it, but when it came down to brass tracks, I always wanted to go home to the north coast, to Ohio.

I was continuously yelled at and reprimanded for my views, for the men that I dated, for the way I asked about the gender of an unborn child.  My views on sunscreen and the word gypped pissed people off.  Wilmington, North Carolina was a little too willy-nilly for me…and it’s apparently one of the more liberal towns.  Yet everything I said was judged and taken to be offensive, when it reality I think more tolerance could have been practiced.

I’m told that I’d love the western part of the state…which is where I think the majority of the 60% that turned down gay marriage live.  Perhaps I would like some parts of western NC, but I belong in the North.

Sure, I’ll lose some followers when I say this, but I think it’s worth being said.  While I am conservative in many aspects of my life (government, money, etc.), I am much more liberal in the social aspect of things.  And while I may not be way off to the left socially, I do believe that we need to loosen up.

So when Amendment One passed in North Carolina yesterday, I can honestly say I felt some sadness.  I knew plenty of gay and lesbian couples when I lived there.  And while I refuse to get preachy and talk about rights, I will say that I have no problem with the civil union of gay and lesbian couples.  Now, I will also say this–I was raised a Catholic…and I am a conservative…and I AM from Ohio.  It would be dishonest of me to not say that the thought of church weddings in this respect does make me a little antsy.  But gay marriage in general does not.

My friend Daniel married his partner of 15 years on May 8th, 2012 in Washington, DC.  It wasn’t a destination wedding for fun–it was a destination wedding born out of necessity.  And that kinda sucks.

I’m very happy for Daniel and Ben, and for any couple that can unite in love legally.  Someday there will be tolerance.  I believe that whole-heartedly.


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Roseanne for President (?) (!) (?)

…I’m conflicted.  Seriously conflicted.  Because Roseanne is legitimately running for POTUS for the Green Party.  Now you all know how much I love Roseanne.  She rocks my world.  But as President of the United States?  I’ll say it again:  I’m conflicted.

Now I don’t like politics, and I don’t like talking about them, but I think this is something that is worth talking about.  I don’t particularly blame any president for anything, and I don’t not blame them either because I don’t vote and when I relinquished my right to vote, I also relinquished my right to complain.

But in a rare moment, I will tell you why I think this whole presidential thing isn’t going to work…regardless of who is in the White House.  I don’t think that terms should only be 4 years long.  I don’t think that people should be limited to serving only 2 terms.

There are 3 reasons for this:

  1. If terms were longer and unlimited, people would have to think harder about who they were electing.
  2. People would also not vote on whims because they know that if someone doesn’t end up meeting their standards, they can vote someone new in in just a few years.
  3. And the big one is this:  Our presidents would have more time to accomplish their goals, to see long-range results, and to put the country in a better place.

No one can accomplish anything in 4 years, or even 8 years.  In order to make changes, you have to have people in the White House who believe the same thing and to carry on with the same plans.  But each new person has his (or I guess “her” someday) own agenda and their own dreams about how they can fix things, and then when their term is up, those dreams are dropped for the next new thing.

I love democracy, and I love the idea of a monarchy.  It’s like a long-standing business–a government built on values that are held in place for more than 4 years, and most likely carried on by family members.

Unfortunately, America doesn’t have a family that I would trust to run this joint.  Our celebrities are our royalty, and those people are hardly fit for ruling.

So about Roseanne running for President…I’m still conflicted.  I like her ideas, and I think that with some persuasion, I could be re-registering to vote here soon.  But I also fear how anti-now she is about everything.

But then I think (like the typical American), “What harm could she do? I mean, if she’s elected, she’ll be out in 4 years anyway.”  Maybe we need a radical change.  Maybe we don’t.

Until I register to vote, though, I’ll shut up and get my ass back to the kitchen.


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Why I Don’t Vote – On This Day in 1920…

Women were granted the right to vote.   I’m about to lose about half or more of my followers on this, but I do not vote.


Plenty of reasons:

  1. I hate politics.  I know I am affected by them, but I do not want to think about it.
  2. None of the issues seem to directly affect me.  Say you’re going to take my student loans away and I’ll vote for you.
  3. I think it is utterly boring to read about what all of the politicians have to say.
  4. They come on during my favorite shows.
  5. The entire country gets all flustered when it comes time to do this whole voting thing.
  6. People turn against each other.
  7. We have to define ourselves to a political party.
  8. And when it comes down to it, our votes don’t make that much of a difference anyway.  Electoral College what?

And the #1 reason I don’t vote is very practical:  If I do not care enough to be informed, then I cannot make an informed decision, and if, in a rare instance my vote actually counts for something, I may not make the best choice.

So I’m doing you all a favor.  Your welcome.



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