Things That Make Me Nervous/Angry

19 Aug


  1. Selfies. Why? WHY?! And not only why, but why so many? I blame the Kardashians.
  2. The Fact That We’ve Made EVERYTHING Offensive. No one can take a joke anymore. No one can make a comment anymore without worrying about how someone else will take it. Not even in the realm of actual comedians. I’d hate to be a comedian right now. How the hell are you supposed to come up with an inoffensive joke? There aren’t any. People have lost their sense of humor. It scares the hell out of me.
  3. There Are No “Losers.” Yes there are. You do not get a trophy for trying. You get told, “Nice try,” or “Good job for trying.” Kids don’t know how to lose anymore and it’s disgusting. And young people don’t understand why they don’t get jobs or get turned away from opportunities because they’re so used to getting everything. NO.
  4. Screen Obsession. I know that it’s impossible to avoid technology and screens. And if you know me personally, you’ll know how much I am a slave to Google and how much I love the tubes and pipes (Internet) and shopping online. BUT, it breaks my heart to see young kids spending so much time on screens. I was running around eating dirt at your age. GET OUTSIDE. ***NOTE: I am attempting to get myself even further from screen usage. I admittedly use it far too much. I’m trying to stop. ***NOTE 2: Rhett will NOT have a cell phone until he’s doing after school activities that require him to call me or until he starts driving. And he does not need his own iPad/Tablet and he does not need his own computer. That’s just asking for trouble. 🙂
  5. Tattoo/Piercing Stigma. It is 2015. Tattoos and piercing should be widely accepted at this point. Fuddy duddies.
  6. Fear of Work. No one wants to just pick up the hammer and do the damn thing. I work in an office now, but I worked in a factory, too. And let’s be honest, even in my job now, I haul around boxes and bags of salt and all sorts of stuff. You’ll be okay. Your skin will heal. Your broken nail won’t matter in a week.
  7. People Who Go the Speed Limit (Or Under). Did you know that going 5 over is socially acceptable? But that going UNDER the speed limit incites such rage in me that my kid’s first full sentences will be, “Are you fucking kidding me, you stupid fucking idiot? GO!”
  8. Lack of FREE Nationwide Wi-Fi. Okay, we all use the tubes and pipes. Where’s my free Wi-Fi?

That’s all. Bye!


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2 responses to “Things That Make Me Nervous/Angry

  1. beckygermain

    August 22, 2016 at 11:13 am

    I mostly agree, but I have to say, “Uncle” on the ipad. We too, once thought, this would be an easy thing to avoid. First 10 hour road-trip with a four year-old and one quickly submits to buying an Ipad. Up until about this year (he’s six), the ipad was strictly used for watching movies on road trips or on airplanes, but now it’s creeping into our after school life little by little. The problem is, it’s no longer socially acceptable (at least where we live) for your kids to play in the yard (without me following him around every move he makes). People will call CPS on your ass if your 1st grader is out riding his scooter in the driveway without a parent standing RIGHT THERE. And I have laundry to do and a house to clean and dinner to make and you know…work to do. It’s not exactly realistic for me to spend 3 – 6:30 pm outside playing. Does ANYBODY have 3.5 hours of free time to just stand there watching their kid play each day? When I was a kid, it was completely normal to be outside without my parents playing with the neighborhood kids (I can remember doing this in kindergarten). But now it’s not. We have millions of kids in our neighborhood, but they are almost never outside, unless they have a parent standing guard. So since he can’t go outside alone (and I’ve looked this up online…but people are saying they can’t do this now until they are FOURTEEN YEARS OLD OMG WTF IS WRONG WITH THE WORLD??!!!), he does sneak off with that Ipad in the house. I try to move him towards legos or coloring or reading or whatever, but he’s quite the iPad ninja. He finds it in all my hiding places… I’m sorry to rant…but sometimes I feel like the entire world is judging parents for a million different reasons. It really wears over time. LOL.

    • erica42285

      August 22, 2016 at 11:15 am

      Haha since I’ve written this, I’ve changed my tune! My kid is a YouTube addict. I hear you, lady!


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