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The Roseanne House is For Sale!


This is big news, people. The Roseanne house is for sale.  I have the opportunity to go inside it instead of just standing in front of it like a creep!

The pictures aren’t showing up. I don’t know why.  But here’s one:


Anyway, the house is for sale.  Here’s the listing.

It actually looks really nice!  Kay…what do you think?  Road trip?

It’s only $125,000.

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I Officially Have a Roseanne Problem…

Look what I did.  Look.  It was one thing to get the afghan.  But then I did this:

I have a problem.  A huge huge problem.  I’ve put myself into the cast.  I’ve made myself a part of Roseanne.  🙂 Doesn’t it look so natural?

SO natural.  🙂


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Roseanne Afghan ACHIEVED

Remember how I said I wanted a copy of the afghan that sat on the back of Roseanne’s couch?

ACHIEVED, thanks to Mike’s mom Terry, his sister Lindsay, and Grandma Dorothy!

I love you guys so much!  thanks for this.  🙂  Not only is it a Roseanne afghan, but it was also made by three generations of my boyfriend’s family.  And I love that.

On a not so happy note, lots of bad things happened this weekend.  I just pray that this isn’t how the world is going to be from here on out.  We need to take care of each other (0:50 in the video).


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Afghan Update

Mike’s mom and sister are making the Roseanne afghan as we speak!  I’m so excited. They’re so good to me.  Just let me know the bill for labor and yarn, guys! 🙂  Love you bunches.

In other news, 27 isn’t turning out to be what I thought it would be.  Let’s just hope it gets better.

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Call for Crafty Help

CALLING YOU CRAFTY PEOPLE who know how to crochet or knit.

Lindsay, I hope you’re still reading my blog, because I know you could help me with this.  I want to make the afghan that sat on the back of Roseanne’s couch for the majority of the seasons.

See it?  Isn’t it wonderful and gaudy and lovely?!  I want to make it.  So who’s going to help me?

I found the pattern here and here (they seem different to me) and if anyone can help me get this started/done, I would really appreciate it!  Because I mean, seriously, how sexy would this look on the back of my couch?


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“People Are Too Dumb To Pick Their Own Leaders”

My favorite, and probably truest, headline.

Note:  What’s with Erica getting so political all of the sudden?  Could it be part of her restyle?

Anyway, if you’ll remember awhile back, I was all anti-politics and anti-voting.  And there was a good reason:  because I am not informed enough to vote, and I don’t care enough to be informed.

I have no interest in voting because I do not want to devote the time to learning about all of the issues and all of the politicians’ stances.  Plus, well, I just think the whole thing is corrupt.  But then I see the headline above and I start to read through the article (and even though it’s from The Daily Mail), I find some truth in it.

The majority of Americans are too dumb to pick a leader.  Too dumb in the fact that they are like me and do not want to do the research.  I mean, when I found Roseanne was running for President, I wanted to vote for her just because she’s Roseanne.  Which leads me back to the point I made in this post:  because leaders are only in office for 4 years, we don’t put too much precedence on throwing them in there.

Maybe we all ought to care a little more (myself included).  Maybe we will now that we’re ticked off at gas prices. 😉

NOTE:  I have been informed that the President has nothing to do with gas prices.  This explains my earlier statements in the post:  I am dumb.  Thanks, David!  You’re lucky I still like you.

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Roseanne for President (?) (!) (?)

…I’m conflicted.  Seriously conflicted.  Because Roseanne is legitimately running for POTUS for the Green Party.  Now you all know how much I love Roseanne.  She rocks my world.  But as President of the United States?  I’ll say it again:  I’m conflicted.

Now I don’t like politics, and I don’t like talking about them, but I think this is something that is worth talking about.  I don’t particularly blame any president for anything, and I don’t not blame them either because I don’t vote and when I relinquished my right to vote, I also relinquished my right to complain.

But in a rare moment, I will tell you why I think this whole presidential thing isn’t going to work…regardless of who is in the White House.  I don’t think that terms should only be 4 years long.  I don’t think that people should be limited to serving only 2 terms.

There are 3 reasons for this:

  1. If terms were longer and unlimited, people would have to think harder about who they were electing.
  2. People would also not vote on whims because they know that if someone doesn’t end up meeting their standards, they can vote someone new in in just a few years.
  3. And the big one is this:  Our presidents would have more time to accomplish their goals, to see long-range results, and to put the country in a better place.

No one can accomplish anything in 4 years, or even 8 years.  In order to make changes, you have to have people in the White House who believe the same thing and to carry on with the same plans.  But each new person has his (or I guess “her” someday) own agenda and their own dreams about how they can fix things, and then when their term is up, those dreams are dropped for the next new thing.

I love democracy, and I love the idea of a monarchy.  It’s like a long-standing business–a government built on values that are held in place for more than 4 years, and most likely carried on by family members.

Unfortunately, America doesn’t have a family that I would trust to run this joint.  Our celebrities are our royalty, and those people are hardly fit for ruling.

So about Roseanne running for President…I’m still conflicted.  I like her ideas, and I think that with some persuasion, I could be re-registering to vote here soon.  But I also fear how anti-now she is about everything.

But then I think (like the typical American), “What harm could she do? I mean, if she’s elected, she’ll be out in 4 years anyway.”  Maybe we need a radical change.  Maybe we don’t.

Until I register to vote, though, I’ll shut up and get my ass back to the kitchen.


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