A Whole New Me

20 Apr


It’s been a damn long time since I could say this, but I don’t feel like the person I used to be. I truthfully feel like I know myself better than I have in years.

And you’re probably thinking, “Duh, you moron. You’re a mom now and a lot of shit has changed.” But I feel changes beyond being a mom now. Here are a few of the Ericas I’ve been in the past:

Poser Skater Erica:  I accredit this “Erica” to my high school boyfriend – Phill – and PacSun & Hot Topic. I wore Popple shirts, QuickSilver, Billabong. I knew nothing about how to skateboard or surf. I just wore the stuff.

Rocker Erica:  Poser Skater Erica quickly turned into Rocker Erica. Jean jacket with patches, tramp stamp that says “Rock Star,” and enough 80s hair metal to kill a small country. I had convictions – and they were all in the name of rock & roll.

jean3 jean2 jean1


Hippie Erica:  In college, I found…nothing really. I just quit caring about anything and wore long skirts and climbed trees. It was good.


Ohio Erica:  While attending grad school in North Carolina, I became very aware of my inner Ohioan. I felt connected to the state in a way I hadn’t before. It was MINE. That said, I was a bit lost regarding who I was then. Until I met Mike. Then I found some direction and knew I’d become someone’s forever.

Mom Erica:  Rhett Calhoun was born in 2014 and I became a whole new me. That little guy became my main focus and he still is. But in that, I feel like I’ve learned more about myself than I used to. I’ve become hyper aware of things I enjoy. So here’s where I’m at:

Stuff 2015 Erica enjoys:

  • Rhett Calhoun – he’s the best thing I’ve ever done.
  • IPAs – the more bitter, the better.
  • Merlot & Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Praying – I’ve always known God is with me, but I talk to him a lot more now.
  • Birds – Cardinals, finches, blue jays, and all their songs.
  • Sushi – how I missed it when I was pregnant.
  • Music – you’ll probably recall my struggle to find music that stuck with me. And this and this. I’m in a good spot with music. Truly. Bring on the 2000’s pop punk / punk & current bluegrass, folk, and Americana. I’m in a good place.
  • Fancy Denim – this is nothing new, but it’s more profound than ever.
  • Hanging Out with Mike – every moment together is appreciated.
  • Organization – I’d lose my mind without my Google Keep.
  • Essential Oils – welcome back, Hippie Erica.
  • Nautical Things & Symbolism
  • One Direction. Shut up.
  • A Renewed Love of Grapefruit
  • Tracking Packages
  • Jimmy John’s Beach Club

We’ll see where I end up, but I’m liking where I’m going.

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