Daily Archives: December 3, 2010

My New Digs

Hey everyone,

I thought I’d update (finally) with pics of my apartment.  In all it’s modesty, I love it.

The table is my parents’ first table from my Uncle Grandma (you’ve heard about her–she’s a cardinal).  OH!  And there was definitely a cardinal sitting outside my apartment the other morning when it was icy.  It’s nice to know Uncle Grandma’s still warning me about bad weather. Anyway, so she gave my parents their first table, and they gave it to me.

The curtains make me feel like a grown up.

The paintings make me smile.

My thesis is in these pictures–in case for any silly reason, you might be curious.

The owl collection is growing.

Yes, that’s a GameCube and an N64.  I rock.


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