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I’m on a Boat! (Or What Your Shoes Say About YOU)

Not really…but apparently I’m preparing for it.

I bought my first pair of Sperry Top-Siders this weekend.  Kind of.  They’re on their way via (because I found a coupon code to save 15%).

I’m well aware that I should have bought these when I lived in Wilmington, but I couldn’t.  Probably because everyone else was wearing them.  Between Sperry’s and those damn Rainbow flip-flops, I just couldn’t buy into the fads.

Probably why I never owned a “Feel My Teal” t-shirt.  Blech.

But here’s what I’m pondering today:  What do your shoes say about you?  (Don’t freaking get offended.  I’m generalizing).

For instance, these Sperry’s.  The people who wear these shops at Polo and J.Crew and hang out with people who own/actually own a yacht.  They rock madras shorts, and white linen pants, RayBans, and gorgeous tans.  But they’re pompous, no doubt, and regardless of how crisp their clothes are, they cherish muddled up boat shoes.  I’m on a boat, bitch!


The work boot.  Hm.  This guys is either a trade worker, a factory worker, a construction worker–either way, he’s a hard worker.  When you’re rocking work boots, you’re probably doing manual labor or lifting heavy things.  So what does this say about the person wearing them?  Tough, for sure.  Rough neck.  Probably likes being outdoors, hunting, shooting.  You know, all that manly jazz.  But I like to think he comes home, takes his greasy boots off on the landing, grabs his wife with those strong hands and gives her a kiss before eating dinner and watching the baseball game.







The pump.  She’s worried about how good her legs look in that skirt.  For sure.  And she’s probably even more worried about the guys looking at those legs.  Oh calm down.  I love pumps.  I think they’re sexy.  And if I could wear them for more than 3 hours, I’d do it all the time.  But I always pictured the pump-wearing woman as a confident, driven business lady who knows what she wants.  That’s not such a horrible thing, is it?  Pumps.  Ha ha–they also remind me of the 1980s.  I just don’t see this going anywhere good.







The aforementioned Rainbow sandal.  Apparently the most comfortable and most overpriced flip-flop around.  I see hippies, and beach folks.  I see Wilmingtonians, mostly.  And those people are good people.  I think they’re pretty chill, pretty go with the flow Southern.  Pretty awesome.





You crazy kids with your Chucks.  I own them, too.  They just make me think of little punk rockers or Punky Brewster or rebellion or blah blah blah.  They’re sure as hell not comfortable.  So what is it about Chucks?  I have no flippin’ clue.  But I like the people that wear them most of the time.  So that’s good enough for me.







This is fun–maybe more shoes tomorrow?


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