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What DOES a Man Want for Valentine’s Day?

UPDATE:  I forgot!  Mike also got me C. O. Bigelow menthol body lotion.  So I lied.  He definitely spent way more than $30.  Thanks, baby!


I’m avoiding the obvious answer, here.

First, I’d like to wish my Mike a Happy Valentine’s Day. He’s incredible–truly. I look forward to the day when we can be together and not have to travel to celebrate with one another.

But my friend and co-worker Chelsea asked me the other day, “What should we get men for Valentine’s Day?”  The truth is that women are easy to buy gifts for on mushy holidays.  Throw us some chocolate, get flowers delivered to us, write us a sweet card–we’re good to go.  I got a card, a bottle of wine, honey cinnamon almonds, and a third gift that will remain a secret.  Men, on the other hand, generally are harder to buy for.

I’m a firm believer that you should NEVER spend more than $50 on each other for Valentine’s Day.  And even that is way too much.  Mike and I went around $30 this year.

I bought him a subscription to Maxim and some socks.  🙂  (He wanted them and wouldn’t buy them for himself.)  He paid, and I picked up the tip at dinner (against Mike’s wishes) and bought provisions for the car ride the next day.  We try to keep it even.

But I think the following are good, not-outrageously priced gifts for men on Valentine’s Day:

1)  Magazine Subscriptions

2)  Video games (if priced right)

3)  FOOD.  Men love food.

4)  Car washing goodies (if they’re into it, obviously)

5)  Golf balls

6)  Simple clothing (no Affliction or any of that rhinestone jazz)

7)  Craft beer

8)  A bottle of liquor

Let’s face it.  It’s JUST Valentine’s Day.  Go out, enjoy each others’ company, and don’t get caught up in $$$.

That said, I would like to tell you about our Valentine’s Day weekend (in public/safe for work detail).

I got there Friday night, went out to dinner, got blitzed on a petit sirah and watched Zack Baggans from Ghost Adventurers try to seduce a ghost.

Saturday, we went to Mike’s hometown to see his family.  On the way, my 3-month old car’s windshield was cracked by a flying semi-rock.  Good thing I have full glass coverage!  Waiting to get it replaced as we speak.

Then we went to see Baby Brennan:

Needless to say, he made my ovaries glow.

And Sunday, while I took a nap, Mike went outside and scrubbed the inside of my car, Armor-alled EVERYTHING, conditioned my leather seats, sprayed off the outside, and filled it up with gas.  Then he came home and made me steak tacos.  See what a good man I have?


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