Things Women Should Do (according to my boyfriend Mike)

11 Feb
Holy crap Mike read my blog (mostly because I made him).  He usually tries to stay away from it, probably afraid of what I’m writing about him, or my past…  (Sorry punkin!)

But he felt the need to counter back this time.  He wanted to make a list of things that women should do.  What is in bold and underlined is Mike’s original list.  Anything else is mine–mostly commenting on how I feel about said list.  (Shut up, it’s my blog.)

Things Women Should Do by Mike

1.   Don’t pretend to like our sports teams. (Oh I won’t.  GO BROWNIES!)

2.   Let us wander around stores like Cabelas or Bass Pro. (Sure, I can do that.  Will you buy me a .22?)

3.   Wash dishes if dishwasher is unavailable.

4.   Help with laundry.

5.   Bake something, food treats are amazing. (I assume this is all men, but Mike freaking LOVES baked goods.  It’s a good thing, too, because I suck at cooking.)

6.   Get beers at a busy bar (hot girls get served first). (At first, I thought this meant, “don’t be prissy and get a drink that takes 5 minutes to make,” which is why I believe he added the “(hot girls get served first).”  I have no problem being beer bitch.)

7.   Unlock the door when we let you in (antiquated with remote entry). (Agree.  He opened your door first.  You can reach your arm over and unlock his door.)

8.   Bring us snacks or beverages. (Somewhere along the line of beer bitch?  I’m okay with this.  It’s fun to bring things to your man, as long as he’s appreciative.)

9.   Pay for dinner sometimes. (Agreed.  While I’m by no means a feminist, I am hardly old-fashioned.  I’ll definitely pay.)

10.   Wear your hair like we like it sometimes. (This is a hint at me.  Mike likes my hair up.  I hacked my hair off.  Tonight, I shall bust out the bobby pins.)

11.   Men need time to be men, give us a weekend. (Sure.  It’s a good excuse for me to go have wine with the girls.  Take me fishing with you sometimes, though!)

12.   Let us grab boob or butt – it’s a cheap thrill. (Ahem.)

13.   You can drive us too. (Sure can!  But you’re pumping the gas.)

14.   Scratch our heads. (Okay.  Rub our shoulders.)

15.   Dress up for us sometimes. (I talked to Mike about this.  He means “dress up solely for us.”  That means don’t use work, a wedding, blah blah blah as an excuse.  Sometimes, you just need to cook dinner in your black dress and high heels.)

16.   Let us win one sometimes. (You win ALL the time, Baby. ;))

17.   Act like you didn’t see us looking at cleavage. (Ok.  Only if you act like you didn’t see me gawking at the construction guys.)

18.   Don’t have a floral comforter (don’t girl-up the bedroom). (I’m in BIG agreement with this.  The bedroom is the space you share most intimately.  You should decorate it together.  But you can’t yell at us if we put a bedskirt on.)

19.   Leave us alone if we don’t want to talk. (It’s true.  If you leave them alone, they usually sort it out in their heads.  And if they can’t, they’ll tell you about it.)

20.   Watch a stupid comedy or action movie.

21.   We always want pizza.

22.   Help us match, but we really just want t-shirts and jeans. (T-shirts and jeans are the sexiest thing a man can wear, if you ask me.  But should you happen upon an occasion that requires you to dress up, I got your back.)

23.   Iron our clothes, we won’t. (Deal.  I’d rather do the work then let you go out wrinkly.)

24.   Be a partner in crime. (I love this one.  Kinda like, “be a lover and a friend.”  Mike and I carried a pretty heavy shelf across town one night after some pretty heavy drinking.  Crime.  Yes.)

25.   Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty. (Giddy up.  I said I wanna go fishin’!)

I love you, Mike Baker!  Have an amazing weekend, folks!

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2 responses to “Things Women Should Do (according to my boyfriend Mike)

  1. Jessica Leech

    February 11, 2011 at 1:34 pm

    HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Ben thinks Mike is a genious! 🙂

    • erica42285

      February 11, 2011 at 1:40 pm

      Ha ha–he is kinda a genius! 😉


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